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Mazda Mega Gathering 2013


Sorry for not updating the blog for months due to lack of progress of the car.

As per title above, to organize such a big event really not an easy task for a group of car enthusiasts. I m not going to share the events photo but 2 of my mistress, Machine 01 and Machine 02.


both of them reached Sepang International Circuit in the early morning, secured a best spot for the photo shooting.


The Engine bay of the Machine 01, if you were following machine 1 progress. it already equipped with To4z with HKS intercooler.


The cockpit of the Machine 01, not much but few important gauge to monitor the health of machine.


Machine 02’s engine bay, the car is built for time attack purpose. (no professional race but amateur fun race), the built is similar to Machine 1 but with smaller turbine to gain faster response especially in cornering.


The Rear of the Machine 2, the fuel system to make sure the engine will not stall when do a hard cornering.


The humble cockpit of machine 02, i don’t think i have time to look at those gauges!


Fun time in Sepang, but rain… a few times was ice skating in the circuit. I cant really test the car due to the rain, overall the temperature for oil and water were fine, I wish I could test it under the hot weather. Also, I just found out that the machine’s alignment was not for Sepang Circuit. LOL


Twins were spotted in Sepang International Circuit after the event. Took sometimes to take the twins photo. Totally rare chance to do so, I will do it again in Johor Circuit soon.


Also, not forgetting to take some photos with such beautiful model during the event.



Some random shoot with Twins



The Beautiful RIM and the GReddy 6 pot brake kit



Some random shoot with Twins



Some random shoot with Twins



The Carbon vented hood for Machine 01, it cost a bomb to own it, but you will surely satisfy the craft of RE-Amemiya



The final photo of the post before the event end.

Mazda Mega Gathering going to host in Sepang soon this year. Hope by that time the weather is awesome for me to whack the machine to the max.

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WCF – increase MaxItemsInObjectGraph quota

I having a problem when the client application trying to consume a web service that returns large amount of data, which you can refer to image below, ‘maximun number of items that can be serialized or deserialized in an object graph is ‘65536’, i tried to increase the number, it still doesnt work for client application.



as you can see in image below, i added the ‘behaviorConfiguration’ as well as created a name in endpointBehavior which i highlighted in green color for the client application, and it works!




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RX7 FD3S Track Machine #8 – RE-AMEMIYA AD-GT

That’s every rotary fan boy’s dream to own a RX7, the car will be looked so much macho with RE-AMEMIYA body kit.
I decided to upload photos that RE-Amemiya Kit already fitted to the car unlike machine 01 previously.



01 – almost 90% body kit were fitted to the car.



02 – the rear view, RE-AMEMIYA GT2 as well as the tail lamp cover.



03 – rear diffuser with extra accessories.



04 – the side view, installed some custom made side diffusers


05 – the interior revisited, the carbon control panel. just 2 electronics control unit for time being, i will install more switches to make it looks cool.


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RX7 FD3S Track Machine #7 – ECU Tuning

The car is ready to tune after some necessary parts installed, I also eager to know how much power the machine able to produce with T04S.
Luckily, a friend managed to ask a Japanese Tuner who worked for APEXi Japan previously to tune the car.

RX7 Engine Bay

RX7 Engine Bay

01 – Setting up the machine

Jun Furukawa tuning the ECU

Jun Furukawa tuning the ECU

02 – Furukawa-san started to setup the basic tuning for the car, everything was gone smoothly.

Jun Furukawa tuning the ECU

Jun Furukawa tuning the ECU

03 – tuning in progress.

Jun Furukawa tuning the ECU

Jun Furukawa tuning the ECU

04 – go baby go….

Jun Furukawa tuning the ECU

Jun Furukawa tuning the ECU

you guys must be eager to know how many hp the car produces… I will tell you in person when we have chance to meet up. the Torque is so impressive.
Some of you might know the “number” of T04S can produce. We are focusing on Torque because the car is mainly build for Circuit.

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RX7 FD3S Track Machine #6 – Engine Bay & Cockpit

Well, slacked for few weeks, is time to update the project car’s progress.

I just replaced some parts to get the car ready for ECU Tuning.

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

01- Replaced the Air Filter.

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

02 – Polished the HKS Intercooler Piping, do you notice i installed the HKS Twin power as well?

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

03 – installed the blow off .

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

04 – SABELT harness.

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

05 – Replaced the HKS FCON IS with APEXI Power FC.

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

06 – Relocated the meters

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

RX7 Engine Bay & CockPit

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RX7 FD3S Track Machine #5 – GReddy 6Pot Brake-Kit

Time flied, another 9 months passed.
As per title above, this post only cover the time machine’s front brake kit. Just to inform that the machine already shipped to South of Malaysia for further modification, I cant disclose much now but definitely not going to modify the engine, I m just a noob to handle a machine more than 300hp.
I noticed most of the Japaneses time machines came with a great brake kit, from aftermarket 4 pot, 6 pot to 8 pot, and I chosen GReddy 6 pot brake kit.

RX7 Greddy 6pot #1
#1, the GReddy Brake Kit

RX7 Greddy 6pot #2
#2, the front disc brake rotor

RX7 Greddy 6pot #3
#3, Done… size just too big compare to stock.

RX7 Greddy 6pot #4
#4, Another view of the brake kit

RX7 Greddy 6pot #6
#5, MazdaSpeed 17″ offset cant fit due to the newly installed brake kit, borrowed the rim with deep offset from workshop.

RX7 Greddy 6pot #5
#6, another view.

If you plan to “fly” on the track more than 200km/h, your machine definitely need to have a capability to brake in short time, that’s what those professional drivers told me.

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Formula Drift Asia 2013 – RX7 FD3S

spotted 4 RX7 FD3S in Formula Drift Asia 2013 – Malaysia Round.

worth to mention that, 2 RX7 from Thailand actually powered by 20B rotary engine with HKS T51 and both cars having almost similar setup. 1 from Malaysia with 13b bridge-port and another 1 from NZ powered by Toyota 2Jz engine

Image #1 – Masao Suenaga’s machine
Masao made it to top 8 but was defeated by Ken Gushi. Hope he can do better next year. I wish to see more Rotary Powered Machine roaring in Speed City.

Image #2 – 20B Rotary Engine with ultra big T51 turbine.
Not sure how much HP able to produced by this combination. Perhaps 500ps?

Image #3 – NATTAWOOT KRERPRADAB’s machine
A very rare RE-Amemiya Super GReddy3 Body Kit.

Image #4 – similar setup with Masao’s machine
hardly see such clean engine bay.

Image #5 – Masao Suenaga

Image #6 – DAYNOM TEMPLEMAN’s machine
Powered by Toyota engine, either he gave up the weak torque produced by Rotary Engine or he hunger for high power from Supra engine?

Image #7 – MERVYN NAKAMURA’s machine
Our very own Malaysia Machine with bridge-port engine. Hope to see this car in Mazda Mega Gathering this October.

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Kuala Lumpur Morning Ride

stopped cycling for 2 months, finally have the chance to roar in kuala lumpur road during the holiday!
woke up at 6.45am, rolled out at 7am from my house with 4 of cycling mates and done at 11am.
worth to mention i still able to ride up to KL tower without much effort.


thanks to Michael for this stunning image. we stopped in merdeka square and captured this image while resting.

Super GT 2013: Calsonic GTR and ARTA CR-Z reign supremacy!


The round three of Autobacs Super GT race in Sepang International Circuit saw the dominating form of Calsonic Impul GTR and ARTA CR-Z in their respective GT500 and GT300 categories. Despite both cars qualified on top on their classes, their victory was not a straight forward sprint to the finish, as both these cars faced intense battle from other formidable competitors.


On the GT500, the Calsonic GTR of Joao Paulo de Oliveira & Tsugio Matsuda, faced intense pressure from the ZENT SC430, only the later spurn off a few laps later which bought relief to the GTR. Last year’s winner, Weider HSV Honda, which qualified on eight, managed to catch up with the Calsonic GTR and overtook the later on lap 18. Chances of Weider to repeat their success in Sepang was faded by due to an unfortunt lengthy pitstop which drops the HSV into no 7th. That bought the Calsonic GTR to retain the lead, followed by DENSO SC430 and Raybrig HSV on third. That remained status quo until the final lap when the Calsonic emerged as winners after 54 laps of intense racing. Last year’s winner Weider ended up a consolidating forth overall, while local favorites Petronas TOMS SC430 only managed to finish a disappointing 11th.

It was also Joao Paulo de Oliveira’s third victory in Sepang after he was won in the GT500 category in 2007 and 2008.


On the GT300, it was the battle of the Hybrids as the ARTA CR-Z and Mugen CR-Z duke out on an intense and nail biting dogfight from start to finish. As this race has proven that Hybrids may have a bright future in motor racing, both CR-Z were neck to neck to claim top honors and eventually the ARTA CR-Z of Shinichi Takagi and Takashi Kobayashi defeated the Mugen CR-Z to claim their first victory by a close two seconds. With the Mugen CR-Z won the last race in Fuji, the Hybrid technology has shown maturity and relevance in motor sports. Meanwhile the Subaru BRZ R&D Sports which qualifies third, suffered from a spurn, an mistaken taken advantage by Gainer DIXCEL SLS which eventually finishes on third while the Subaru settled for forth.


Despite the hazy skies and humid conditions, this year’s edition has produced some of the most exciting races in Sepang for many years. The next round will be at Sugo in Japan in a month’s time. With a record of 67,000+ race fans over the weekend, there is no reason not to bring a successful Super GT race in Malaysia for 2014!

Text by Travis

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Petaling Jaya, 21 May 2013 – One of the most entertaining, exciting and glamorous race weekends returns to the Sepang International Circuit this month (15-16 June) with Malaysia once again being given the honor of hosting the third round of the prestigious 2013 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series.

Formerly known as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC), the Super GT Series is a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT Association (G.T.A.). It was first established in 1993 by the JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) via its subsidiary company the G.T.A. (GT Association).

The Malaysian round of the AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series is being organised by JPM Motorsport and this will be the 13th consecutive year that the Series is back in town to thrill fans. It is also the 20th year the Series is being organized.

Internationally recognized for being one of the world’s fastest and most exciting GT racing series, the 2013 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series consists of eight rounds, and is divided into the GT500 and GT300 classes, gathering what is the reputed to be the largest ensemble of latest Japanese sports cars with manufacturers the likes of Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Subaru, as well as continental marques that include Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mosler, Chevrolet, Audi, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz.

The Series is also a playground for top Japanese drivers and some of the world’s top racing drivers among them, former Formula 1 driver and Super GT champion Ralph Firman who drives the Honda HSV for AUTOBACS RACING TEAM AGURI this season; former South American and German Formula 3 driver Joao Paulo de Oliveira driving the Nissan GTR for Team Impul; former Le Mans driver Seiji Ara; Michael Krumm the 2011 FIA GT Championship GT1 Series champion; and former Macau Grand Prix winner Andre Couto.

Also racing in the Series and giving local fans more to cheer about is Malaysian Fairuz Fauzy who alongside Japanese Yuki Iwasaki, drives for team APR Audi R8 LMS Ultra in the GT300 class this season. The pair’s best finish so far has been 14th place in the opening round of the Series at the Okayama International Circuit in April. In round 2 at the Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka, Japan Fairuz and Iwasaki and a third driver Kenji Kobayashi came in 15th place.

Another hot favourite will be the Malaysian-backed Petronas Toms SC430 Team which had only recently clinched victory at round 2 of the AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series at the Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka, Japan. The team, competing in the GT500 class, is spearheaded by the pair of Kazuki Nakajima and James Rossiter. Nakajima is the 2012 Formula NIPPON Series champion, while Rossiter was formerly a Lotus factory driver and test driver for the Force India Formula One Team.

Race fans are also in for another treat as for the first time, they will be able to see fast action on the track by hybrid cars competing in the GT 300 class. The competition is led by the Toyota PRIUS GT which recently secured the first ever victory for a hybrid car in the SUPER GT series at round 2, and joined by a fleet of MUGEN CR-Z GT cars.


Mr JP Chin, Masaaki Bandoh, TJ Chin, Andrew Lopez with Super GT Queens and ambassador

“We’re gunning for a phenomenal race weekend with lots of action and activities on as well as off the track. We’re working on a whole host of activities and attractions and all I can say is that it’s going to be exciting for everyone, race fans or otherwise,” said JPM Motorsport Managing Director T.J. Chin.

In 2013, with the aim to further improve the experience of spectators and provide greater value to sponsors, JPM Motorsport has come up with the theme of having a 5-Star SUPER GT! The components are: the SUPER GT Race, the Affin Bank Motorshow, a Japan Town by Sachi, the Biggest Superbike Gathering and a Dash Berlin ‘Music is Life’ World Tour 2013!

And unique to SUPER GT, fans can meet and greet the drivers and teams during the Pit Walkabout, where the Race Machines and hot race queens will be present. On Saturday, consistent with the SUPER GT tradition, the pit walkabout session is free for children under 12 and their accompanying parents too.

This year’s event will also witness the very first Asia Cup race organized by Meritus. Off the race tracks, grass root racing activities in the form of the Ultra Racing Gymkhana & Drifting, will encourage enthusiasts to compete.

Other than exciting racing and race cars, JPM Motorsports will also continue the tradition set in 2011 by having another star attraction in the form of the Affin Bank Motorshow. This year, the total exhibition size is as big as the size of the entire mall area at Sepang International Circuit, which is around 7,500 sqm. Though similar in size to 2012, it incorporates innovative elements, namely SummerNat where on top of amazing cars displayed by Japanese Marquee like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru and European heavy weights like Porsche and Lamborghini, JPM Motorsport will exhibit and host a competition for Customs Cars and Bikes alike. SummerNat is Australia’s premier event for street machines, an event gathering local exotic and custom muscle cars as well as other street machines which will take place in Malaysia and co-organised by JPM Motorsport in the later part of the year.

JPM Motorsport will also be out to establish a record in the Malaysia Book of Records. This year, instead of the Biggest Supercar and Performance Car record that it managed to set with the help of various car clubs in 2012, the company will be out to create the record for the Biggest and Noisiest Superbike Gathering on track in Sepang International Circuit. This will be the first time the track will accommodate so many bikes on the track in a single event.

Moving away from Automotive related activities, another Star to this year’s race weekend is the Japan Town by Sachi, and JPM Motorsport in collaboration with sponsors such as Code 10, Luminox and OK is attempting to make the audience feel like they are watching a Japanese Racing event in Japan during summer.

Finally, when the sun goes down on Saturday night, event goers, or more specifically party goers will be treated to the Dash Berlin ‘Music is Life’ World Tour. This tour, touted as one of the most anticipated party event of the year is organized by Global Sound Music together with JPM Music and is expected to provide an unforgettable “let your hair down’ party experience. And for partygoers, they are also entitled to attend the race, making it an adrenaline filled weekend.

“There you have it, a 5 Star event which we hope will make this year’s event more thrilling, engaging, glamorous and spectator-friendly for all those who attend and sponsors alike,” said Chin.

“Race weekend at Sepang International Circuit is not purely about action on the track, but we have made an enormous effort to make it an attractive weekend destination for the entire family.”

JPM Motorsport is also inviting race fans to bring their entire family to the Super GT weekend, and have put in place various attractions that include a special Kids Zone and musical performances to keep everyone – including non-race enthusiasts – happy and occupied.

Super GT fans will also be able to catch the action of the 2013 Malaysian SUPER GT Queen Search Pageant. The pageant is being held for the third consecutive year, and the crowned winner will stand the chance of joining a line-up of Japanese GT Queens in Japan with objective of promoting the sharing of knowledge, expertise and talent between Malaysian and Japanese GT queens.

Tickets for the Malaysian round of the AUTOBACS Super GT Series are priced at RM100, and fans can obtain it online via, or tune in to the entire season’s updates on Aspiring candidates or the 2013 Malaysian SUPER GT Queen Search Pageant meanwhile, can log on to the SUPER GT’s Facebook at to obtain updates about the pageant.

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