Mazda RX7 FD3S Project #35

Latest Progress of the project car.
Almost Done! All hoses connected each other.
What I hope is not crazy scream of this engine… (that’s the reason to replace the bridge port engine)

Close up image for the Turbine, Pulley, Blow Off  Valve & Bubble Tank.

Uninstalled the RE-Amemiya (RE雨宮) AD body part from the car, so I got the excuse to install RE雨宮 AD-GT kit at last!
Also, Kelvar Rear Diffuser installed finally (no KIDDING), and replaced with stock rear bumper .

Another rear view of the car. Planning to replace the door as well since I m just bought a 99Spec Half Cut engine recently.

OK, Check out the video….


What’s Next? Dyno and ECU Tune of course!

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