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SUPER GT 2011 Race Queen

Sorry for the late update.
Been busy lately.

As usual, click the image for 800 x 533 pixels
Lens used = 70-200mm, so only close up image for all race queens image. Hope you like it.

Name: 佐野未来
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/sanomirai/

Name: 如月くるみ
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/kisaragikurumi/

Name: 酒井美樹
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/otwinklero/

Name: 相葉樹里
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/love-leaf-ju/

Name: 熊乃あい
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/kumanoai/

Name: 真矢
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/mayaya1225/

Name: 桃川祐子
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/blog-yuuuuu/

Name: 水乃麻奈
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/mana-mizuno/

Name: 清水恵理
Blog Address: http://ameblo.jp/shimizu-eri/
I will update the post within this week. Stay tuned.

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SUPER GT 2011 Race Queen – Preview

Only 4 photos of Super GT 2011 Race Queen for this post. Please click this link [ http://www.woaychee.com/index.php/super-gt-2011-race-queen/] for the latest images I uploaded.
Actually I need sometime to find out those girls profile before I upload their photo.
I found out a lot of keywords regarding “super gt girl 2011″, “race queen”, “GT girl” in my Google analytic recently. So to avoid disappoint you, the visitor. Decided to create a quick post for you.

I will create exclusive post for each of the Race Queen with their profile, of course with their blog too!
Stay Tuned.

Please Click the image for bigger size.

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Super GT 2010 Race Queen – 水谷望愛

Team: Evangelion

Name: 水谷望愛 [Mizutani Nozoai]
State: 愛知県 [aichi]
Birthday: 1989/02/09
Her blog: [http://ameblo.jp/noa-ryu/]

2012 SuperGT photo : [http://www.woaychee.com/super-gt-2012-race-queen-mizutani-noa-chiba-yuuka/]

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