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MidValley Megamall Fashion Week 2012

Here we are the Mid-Valley Megamall Fashion Week 2012 for Vincci, Vincci +, Vincci Accessories and P & Co.

This is my first time to shoot fashion of year 2012 due to the work commitment.

Here some photos i captured.

Click the image for better resolution (640 x 960 pixels)



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MSI Idol 2011 Grand Finals

MSI Idol 2011 @ Sungei Wang Plaza

The lighting condition for this stage was much better.

Please excuse me if the photos uploaded here is not up to expectation.

Click the image for bigger size (1024 pixels)

Janie Kee

Janice Kee

Rachel Voon



Grand Final : Janice
1st Runner Up : Colins
2nd Runner Up : Jun Lim
Ms Trendy : Stephy
Ms Transformation : Stephy
Ms Photogenic : Janice

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Velvet Venus Fashion Show

AME’s Opening – Thanks to Halee and Natacha for inviting me to shoot.

Natacha Meunier

Natacha Meunier

Eliana Efendieva

Eliana Efendieva

Eliana Efendieva

Eliana Efendieva

Cassandra Patrick

Cassandra Patrick

Alesia Bylina

Stefanie Chua

Alina Cook

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Canon EF 400mm F5.6

Please note that these photos were direct output from camera (Canon EOS 7D)

A lightweight lens which suitable for outdoor sport photography.

EOS 7D, f8, 1/500sec, ISO 1000, 400mm, hand held, no photo processing (resized to 500pixel)

Click on image above for 100% crop @ f8

EOS 7D, f5.6, 1/1000sec, ISO 1000, 400mm, held, no photo processing (resized to 500pixels)

Click on image above for 100% crop @ f5.6

Well, aperture at f8 is truly sharp. Fast focusing lens, trust me you gonna addict to use this lens to shoot long distance subject.

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Super GT 2010 Race Queen – Zent Sweeties

Team: ZENT

State: 愛知県 [Aichi]
Birthday: 1980/06/23
Blog: [http://ameblo.jp/amanooooooooooooo/]

Name: 遠野千夏 [Sugisawa Yuka]
State: 北海道 [Hokkaido]
Birthday: 1988/06/19
Blog: [http://chika-colornet.seesaa.net/]

Name: 佐竹茉里奈
State: 愛知県 [Aichi]
Birthday: 1989/10/05
Blog: [http://ameblo.jp/satakemarina/]

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