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RX7 FD3S Track Machine #8 – RE-AMEMIYA AD-GT

That’s every rotary fan boy’s dream to own a RX7, the car will be looked so much macho with RE-AMEMIYA body kit.
I decided to upload photos that RE-Amemiya Kit already fitted to the car unlike machine 01 previously.



01 – almost 90% body kit were fitted to the car.



02 – the rear view, RE-AMEMIYA GT2 as well as the tail lamp cover.



03 – rear diffuser with extra accessories.



04 – the side view, installed some custom made side diffusers


05 – the interior revisited, the carbon control panel. just 2 electronics control unit for time being, i will install more switches to make it looks cool.


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RX7 FD3S Track Machine #4 – Roll Cage

Not much progress for this post, just replaced the previous 9-points roll-cage to 13 points for safety reason.


Extra one bar beside the door. I believe I will be more confident to trash the car in the track in future.


The rear view of the roll-cage, I feel like an animal inside the cage. 4 extra bars behind.


Also, previous stock radiator was replaced with Koyo radiator, always wanted to install the RE-Amemiya radiator but sold it to one of my friend. Hope the Koyo able to performs as usual in Sepang circuit especially in Malaysia hot weather.

What’s next? Pending for ECU tuning, Exterior Body-kit, Wheel etc? Hopefully the car able to roll out next year for Time Attack Event.

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Project #41 – Ready To Tune

Progress so far, partial body parts installed to rush for ECU tuning. Unfortunately, the car failed to start due to the fuel pump wiring problem. Hope can solve the problem as soon as possible.

As you noticed, the Mazda Speed GTC front bumper was removed and sold to Kuala Lumpur. Decided to use RE-Amemiya Front bumper instead.

Front view of the car. Really cant wait to see the car in action though!

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Project #40 – Painting

Yo, Happy New Year! My first post of Year 2012.

Lack of updates about my project car, picture? Not much.. just a couple of them

good news is


Week 1 Progress…. RE-Amemiya AD GT kit…

Week 2…. The Body…

Week 3. Partial Installation…

PROFESSIONAL PAINT JOB. No wonder need to wait for so LONG!!! FINGERS CROSSING!!! Cant wait to get it on the road with RE-Amemiya body-kit.

Not forgetting to tell you that, I found a secret recipe which suitable for the Track Car… The ENDLESS 6POT Brake Kit. Should I go for it? Gonna need a deep pocket for this recipe… SUPER LATE BRAKE when attacking the first corner of Sepang International Circuit.

DROOLING when the first time I m looking at it.

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Project #39

Lack of updates recently.

The machine still in the mudguard shop for body kit readjustment.

Anyhow, will install Mazda Speed Bumper with custom made lips.

Due to the large size of Trust Twin Oil Cooler kit, we failed to install 2 of RE-Amemiya Bumper, either re-locate the oil cooler or replace the bumper, I chosen to use Mazda Speed Bumper.

A couple of images for different angle.

Forgot to mention, recently I m just built a RX7 Time Attack Machine.

Looking for Tyre Sponsorship & Mechanical Sponsorship for coming Sepang Event.

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Project #38 – RE Sleek Light Kit

Just received this rare items from mail box, RE-Amemiya Sleek Light Kit H11 Type.

Bought this headlight from Japan because this item is hard to get from any Malaysia half-cut shop.

Will send this item to workshop very soon for the project car.

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Project #37 – Mudguard Shop

As usual, writing the same opening again, not significant progress of the car.
Installed the AD-GT kit into the car (6 pieces FRP to make the car slightly wide)

Planning to mimic Initial-D’s Project-D Mazda RX7 FD3S if budget permitted.
So, I m still looking for Genuine RE-Amemiya Hood and RE-Amemiya GT-Wing to replace the current knight-sport FRP hood and Auto-Select aluminum GT-Wing.

The car in the paint shop currently. Yellow or Pearl White? Please leave your comment. Thanks!

The rear view of the car, too much colors!!! Yellow, Black, White, Silver & Blue.. Ops

Also, I need to modify the fuel cover to make it have the same level as the body kit.

My next plan after the paint work, will be ECU tuning.

Bought HKS EVC 5 boost Controller for the tuning purpose to avoid my engine blow due to over boost.

Man, this device is not cheap. No choice but purchased a new one since this is a new model.

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Project #36

Well, some plans were changed last month due to a buyer called up to purchase the single turbo kit and inter-cooler which installed in the car. After deeply consideration, decided to uninstall the one in the car and replace with GReddy Inter Cooler Kit model “R-SPL HG Type 32″ which you can check out the image in this post too.

The Type 32 is a very huge inter cooler, we need to do some minor “surgery” to make sure the front inter cooler fit well with front bumper. Cut the Genuine RE-Amemiya Bumper which cost me RM6000? No way, decided to source from a friend for RE-Amemiya Bumber N1-05.

Notice something? Just installed the AD GT kit front fender.

The inter cooler is huge, no choice but do minor surgery to make sure it fits well

RE-Amemiya front bumper.

Hehe, managed to secure knight sport bonnet.

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Super GT 2011

Reached there around 3pm. The weather is hot. I m really hope no rain for next 2 days or else I gonna shoot under the rain.

Most of the SUPER GT machines already setup but no practice for them today.

Some selected images for today. I will shoot more this weekend, hope able to capture more action photos of those SUPER GT machines.

Main Sponsor & Organizer of SUPER GT 2011

The crews pushing their machine: ADVAN KONDO GTR by KONDO RACING

Ah.. HATSUNEMIKU GOODSMILE BMW. Really anticipate to see the car in the track, The Main driver will be Nobuteru Taniguchi (previously drove M7 Mutiara Motor RX7 SGC, unfortunately Amemiya Team pulled off this year.)

Evangelion RT Test 01 IM-Jihan, I love this car, Also the team’s race queen!!!

This Crew looked so young uh.

Support Race Machine.

Last Image, maybe photo of the day.
Shutter: 1/60

One of the Support Race Machine.

Not sure viewer like this kind of image, because only head of the car got focus then blurred all the way…

I love this background blur effect, but some sponsors of the car might don like it because almost half of the image blurred.


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Mazda RX7 FD3S Project #35

Latest Progress of the project car.
Almost Done! All hoses connected each other.
What I hope is not crazy scream of this engine… (that’s the reason to replace the bridge port engine)

Close up image for the Turbine, Pulley, Blow Off  Valve & Bubble Tank.

Uninstalled the RE-Amemiya (RE雨宮) AD body part from the car, so I got the excuse to install RE雨宮 AD-GT kit at last!
Also, Kelvar Rear Diffuser installed finally (no KIDDING), and replaced with stock rear bumper .

Another rear view of the car. Planning to replace the door as well since I m just bought a 99Spec Half Cut engine recently.

OK, Check out the video….


What’s Next? Dyno and ECU Tune of course!

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