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Doraemon World 2012

A day trip to GENTING HIGHLAND for Doraemon World 2010. if you are super fan of DORAEMON, I believe is worth the penny for this trip.
Entrance fee? RM35 for adult and RM30 for child.

Remember to bring a camera with flash if you wish to capture some high quality photos.
Doraemon World 2012 divided to 4 areas which are town, carnival, gallery and mall.

doraemon town – you can capture those doraemon town building & characters. Remember, each room only less than 10minutes for you to explore, so act fast!

doraemon carnival – photo session with doraemon’s mascot (will appear at 1pm, 5pm and 8pm)

very interesting photo, my niece have the same pose as GIANT (doraemon’s mascot)

doraemon gallery – this area display some of the doraemon tools, very interesting area.

doraemon mall – this area selling doraemon product, no need to spend time for this.

Just check out the full gallery of DORAEMON WORLD 2012.

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Taiwan Trip #8 猫空站

My last day in Taiwan.

First Stop is Mao Kong [猫空] which allowed us to take cable car to the peak of the mountain.

We departed from Ximen to Mao Kong. We changed a lot of MRT line in order to reach here.

Took this Image when we were heading to the peak.

I can see taipei 101 tower from here.

Out from Station.

The Last Station, I was expecting some cold weather but unfortunately, was very hot up there.

We found a temple here. This temple got a very nice view of Taipei.

after this, we took the MRT to shopping mall.

Wow, thats huge! We took our lunch there and returned to our hotel at 5pm.

Some images I took in the Air Port.

Hello Kitty Theme!

We reached LCCT around 4pm.

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Taiwan Trip #7 忠烈祠 & 台北101

The last day of the tour and second last day of the taiwan trip.

First top will be Martyr’s Shrine, then National Palace Museum and the last stop will be TaiPei 101.

Unfortunately, No camera allowed in National Palace Museum.

2 photos of Martyr Shrine and 1 photo for TaiPei 101 tower.

A place to pray those hero who sacrificed for their country

Tallest building in Taiwan.

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Taiwan Trip #5 鹿野温泉 & 小熊度假村

5th day Part 2 destination: Lu Yeh Hot Spring & Master Bear Resort.

Click the image for bigger size.

From Taroko National Park to Lu Yeh Hot Spring. A image taken for a short break to wash room.

We reached Lu Yeh Hot Spring. I cant remember how many hours I slept in the bus.. LOL..
Time to enjoy the Hot Spring…
We only have 40minutes for this.

Then we departed to Master Bear Resort. One of my favorite resort. Master Bear’s [official website]

The Front View of the Resort

The Living Room in our resort.

Ops, Taiwan also got “du lan” mountain?  I m laughed like mad when I saw this advertisement. For those do not understand, DU LAN means Angry in chinese (rude way to speak)

The Resort also provided us a few of Kongming lanterns.. Only manage to shoot one of it.

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Taiwan Trip #5 太鲁阁国家公园

My 5th day in Taiwan.

Part 1 destination: Taroko National Park 太鲁阁国家公园 [WIKI]
Description: The fourth national park in Taiwan, Taroko Gorge is sufficiently view disdain for the world geographical landscape.

Click the image for bigger size.

We left Hua Lian and headed to Taroko National Park. I love Taroko National Park but I was not able to capture nice photo.

Taroko Memorial Arch Building

Heading to Taroko Memorial Arch Building

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Taiwan Trip #4 九份

My 4th day in Taiwan.

Part 2 destination: Jiu Fen 九份
Description: During the early years of the Qing Dynasty, the village here housed nine families, thus the village would request “nine portions” every time shipments arrived from town. Later Jioufen (“Nine portions” in Chinese) would become the name of the village.

Only selected image uploaded in this post.

Took this image when I was still in the bus to Jiu Fen.

Jiu Fen scenery

This image just right after i m aboarded from bus station.

Time to hunt for some foods.

Sorry, not much photos of Jiu Fen’s street.

Next Destination? Hua Lian.. Stay tuned

Taiwan Trip #4 野柳

My 4th day in Taiwan.

Part 1 destination: Yeh Liu 野柳
Description: The natural rock formations of Yeh Liu (wild willows) are an amazing array of artistic shapes created by erosion and other natural forces

Only selected image uploaded in this post.
I love this place so much, too bad I only got limited time to explore this area.

Next destination of 4th day taiwan trip will be Chiu Fen (九份)
Stay tuned.

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Taiwan Trip #3

Our 3rd day in Taiwan.

Camera used: EOS 7D
Lens used: 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM.
You may click the image for bigger size.

We woke up in the early morning, took MRT from XiMen [西门町] to TamSui [淡水]

Image #1, TamSui old street [淡水老街]

This street full of food.

Image #2, a chinese temple

Image #03, Statues

A short break here before walk to Red building

Image #04, Red Building [红毛楼]

An old british building on top of the hill, you may shoot some landscape photos here

Image #05, the PORT

we were lost, toke a short break here.

we walked back to the old street, just found out we need to purchase the ticket and take ferry to fisherman’s wharf

Image #06, on the bridge

we reached the destination, the Fisherman’s wharf FINALLY

Image #07, Fisherman’s wharf [渔人码头]

Image #08, Fisherman’s wharf [渔人码头]

Spent 1 hour there and returned to MRT station.

Time for our Dinner, so decided go to ShiLin Market

Image #09, Shilin Market  [士林夜市]

A lot of people here! Time to grab some foods to fill the tummy.

Tomorrow will be joined the Taiwan Round Island Tour for 6 days.

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Taiwan Trip #2

Image #1, outside of Taipei MRT Station

Before read through my post, those Chinese wording with bracket will link you to the website.

If you want to view bigger size image, just click on the image.

Our first stop, Taiwan Story Land[台湾故事馆], we departed from XiMen Station [西门町] to Taipei Station

Image #2, building outside TaiPei MRT Station

Shot some images before head to Taiwan Story Land.

Image #3, Inside Taiwan Story Land

Only selected Images selected for this stop

Image #4, Inside Taiwan Story Land

Image #5, Inside Taiwan Story Land

Image #6, Inside Taiwan Story Land

Image #7, Inside Taiwan Story Land

Last image in Taiwan Story Land, next stop will be lady paradise WuFenBu [五分埔]

From TaiPei Station to HouShanPi (后山埤)

Image #8, on the way to WuFenbBu [五分埔]

Image #9, WuFenbBu [五分埔]

We reached there around 12pm, most of the shops still yet to open for business.

Image #8, WuFenbBu [五分埔]

We stopped there for 30mins and return back to XiMen.

Stay tuned for next post

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